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Bacteria that lives naturally inside the mouth can sometimes get inside the centre of a tooth itself, and give rise to an infection that requires specialist treatment. This is relatively common in cases of tooth decay, for example, but can also occur as a result of trauma (e.g. a fall). Prospect Family Dental are experts in providing this treatment, and always ensure that we provide individualised treatment that is as pain-free as possible.

Our expert dentists carefully remove all infected tissue, and ensure that the area is fully and carefully cleaned and disinfected. The final part of the procedure is then to fill the area, and restore your teeth to a natural looking state using a crown of fillings.

We are fully aware that root canal treatment is viewed by some as a stressful treatment, and that some patients may suffer anxiety at the thought of it. But here at Prospect Family Dental we make the procedure as comfortable as possible. We have a full range of tools and specialist skills to help manage your anxiety, and ensure that all of our patients are fully informed and comfortable with the care we provide. With us you are in safe hands.

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