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Are you missing a tooth and want to fill the gap?

The loss of a tooth may lead to the shifting or tipping of other teeth to fill the gap, producing a crooked appearance and a change in your bite.

A gap in your smile may also be affecting your self-esteem.

Dental bridges are designed to remedy this by “bridging” the gap between your existing teeth. A bridge consists of one or more replacement tooth or teeth (pontics), being supported by crowns on natural teeth adjacent to the gap (abutments). They are typically fabricated from porcelain to blend in with the colour of the remaining natural teeth. Dental Bridges offer a fixed solution to restore the form and function of your teeth.

When is a Dental Bridge Necessary?

Dental bridges are often an ideal solution for those with existing abutments (supporting teeth) or crowns, or for situations where an implant may not be an appropriate option due to medical or other reasons.

Dental bridges may also be able to offer a fixed option to eliminate the need to wear a removable partial denture in cases where there are teeth on either side of the denture to act as abutment teeth.

However, in more complex cases where there are multiple missing teeth, or there are no healthy abutment teeth to support a bridge, other alternatives such as dental implants or dentures may be suitable treatment options.

There is no need to suffer from the embarrassment and adverse consequences of missing teeth. Contact us today and learn more about how dental bridges can help restore your smile and have you eating all your favourite foods again.